The Binding

Bit of a mixed bag here... Hot off the press this book caught my eye - not least because of it’s absolutely beautiful cover (something everyone seems to be talking about, so well done Bridget) but also because the idea was intriguing and the reviews glowing. Needless to say when I began I was a … Continue reading The Binding

Brave New World

I know quite well that one needs ridiculous, mad situations like that; one can't write really well about anything else. Why was that old fellow [Shakespeare] such a marvellous propaganda technician? Because he had so many insane, excruciating things to get excited about. You've got to be hurt and upset, otherwise you can't think of … Continue reading Brave New World

Welcome to The Snug!

That cosy place we all find to curl up and tuck into our favourite tomes. New and old, thrilling, sad, sensational, romantic, intriguing, enlightening… there are books out there for everyone and everything. All you have to do is find them! Hence The Snug – my cosy corner of the internet where I share all … Continue reading Welcome to The Snug!